What our clients say about the value we bring. For more perspectives or to speak directly to any of our clients, just ask.


9-phil-meadThe strategic research which The Dent Consultancy conducted for us for our project to launch a national box office brand was excellent. Initially designed to focus on naming, the exercise went well beyond this and delivered important strategic guidance which was instrumental in the successful launch of The Ticket Factory, which is already one of the major players in the UK market and growing quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending Adrian / The Dent Consultancy.

Phil Mead, Managing Director, Arenas, The NEC Group

Dent Consultancy - RohithAs the Director of the Swiss Institute, I have been working closely with Adrian Dent, who has been our brand consultant from day one. It is a rare and fortunate circumstance to have a seasoned and circumspect brand advisor to accompany you from inception to realisation of a brand identity for a new business. What I found especially valuable was Adrian’s attention to what we wanted to achieve and how he translated that into our brand. This was time well spent and helped build my initial management team as well.

Rohith Delilkhan, Founding Director – the Swiss Institute

8-david-coombesWe have recently employed the services of Dent Consultancy to assist us in our rebranding exercise for our real estate business. We had employed the services of another company to help us with this exercise but we were not satisfied with the response and guidance we were given. Their suggestions were pleasant and helpful but we felt they hadn’t dug deep enough into who and what we are and this resulted in a very general set of guidelines that could have been applied to most businesses in various fields.

When Adrian looked at our operation he was able to quickly and accurately ask probing questions that helped us to reveal who we were and what we were all about to him and to ourselves. His careful in-depth and methodic approach along with his superb communication skills, command of the English language and clear descriptions helped us to identify and visualize who we wanted to be and how we could go about getting there. He explained the possible steps we should take and shared the probable outcomes of each action so that we could clearly plot a course for our brand and by extension our business.

He is a delight to work with and his energy and enthusiasm are infectious leaving you with no option but to follow through on the superb ideas and focus created though working with him.

David A. Coombes, CEO –  Caribbean Island Properties

12-simon-rhind-tuttIf you need strategic, branding or marketing skills, I couldn’t recommend The Dent Consultancy highly enough. Having used them for over 10 years, they have always delivered above expectations and been exceptional value for money. Adrian’s ability to immediately become part of the team, caring about your business as much as you do yourself, to come up with fresh ideas and to pro-actively make them happen is invaluable. Do contact me if you’d like to hear more.

Simon Rhind-Tutt, Managing Partner – Relationship Audits & Management

11-david-hughesAdrian’s branding and marketing expertise made a massive contribution to developing a small recruitment company into the largest independent financial recruitment company in the UK, with 6 offices, 150 staff and a turnover of £20m. He helped us raise our profile way beyond our size in the market which was a key factor in the eventual sale of the business. Across a period of nearly 10 years, Adrian was an integral part of the management team, welcomed and accepted by our staff internally and a highly professional representative of the company externally. His digital expertise was also invaluable, as he planned, wrote and managed the design and build of a website which quickly accounted for more than 50% of our placements. I would recommend The Dent Consultancy without hesitation to any company, large or small, that needs strategic help in driving their business and the energy to make things happen.

David Hughes, Managing Director – ECHM

20-claire-spencerThe branding and marketing work the Dent Consultancy did for us made an enormous difference in a very short space of time. The expertise with which Adrian teased out the key issues when interviewing our clients was impressive and helped us with our targeting and messaging. They then created a new look and feel for the company, which they applied consistently across a range of marketing collateral. We knew we were in safe hands from the start and the ability to leave them to it (particularly when it came to the website) so we could continue to focus on the current business was fabulous.

Claire Spencer, Chief Executive – itoiresearch

10-ian-coyleWhen we first spoke to Adrian, it was more an exploratory conversation than a firm intention to do anything, but we were immediately struck by the calibre of his branding and marketing skills and his depth of understanding of the recruitment industry. Within a very short space of time we had commissioned a complete rebranding and re-presentation of everything we were doing, right down to the copy and layout of individual market reports. We were delighted with the new corporate identity and how smoothly we got there. Next came a review of our website, which resulted in a major overhaul. Adrian planned and wrote the new site, then managed the design and build, using two specialist companies to do so. Within a very short space of time, the new site had dramatically improved the sourcing of candidates and the site has been absolutely vital to our business ever since. In my view, for a business like us, the Dent Consultancy’s combination of skills is almost unique. We have used them for 10 years. Long may it continue!

Ian Coyle – Director, Barclay Simpson

Roger Laishley CropOf course, I’ve used Business Management Consultants before. They come. They smile a lot. They give heaps of enthusiastic advice, which all sounds well thought out and unarguable. Then you give them a cheque (or several cheques, depending upon your gullibility) with lots of numbers on. After some time you then feel deflated, because you know that most of their “advice” is plain common sense; the rest doesn’t really apply to your own unique problems. So I was deeply skeptical when Adrian Dent arrived at my door. He also smiled and seemed enthusiastic. However, it soon became apparent that this guy was more prepared to listen than to just talk. The single difference he demonstrated that day was that he genuinely seemed to understand what I was trying to do with MY business. Not any old business. He was sensitive to my company’s culture and to the part myself and my employees have played in its 15 year history. He was realistic about how I could meaningfully develop my design business. At last, here was someone who could help. And that’s why he was invited back. Again and again. He has proven over the past few months to be a key part of my team – as integral as my most valued staff members. His emphasis upon solid, practical advice has given me new energies to propel my company forward – he is an invaluable sounding board for key business decisions. He has been involved in restructuring my company and helped to improve both my existing client relationships and generate new business. His flexible, considerate, often gentle approach has helped him to be accepted by our staff at all levels, whilst his objectivity and resourcefulness have enabled my staff to achieve much more themselves, by enabling them to work with each other towards one goal. But there is more even than that – his personal design experience is particularly deep and relevant for a creative company such as my own, therefore his involvement in helping us developing strategic design projects is a most welcome “extra”. Adrian is someone whom you can ring about almost any issue, at any time, because he always has time. Yet one never feels there are ticking clocks when he gives of his time. He works WITH you, to achieve YOUR aims. No pressure. And no large cheques to write! I can truly say, his energy and skill continues to make a real difference to Go Ballistic.

Roger Laishley, Managing Director – Go Ballistic Design

Richard-Leman-b-w-300x300Running a successful recruitment business on a day to day basis and marketing that business to best effect are two very different things. Until we were prompted to look for some help with marketing, particularly with regard to how the website was working, we hadn’t given it much thought. We were extremely lucky to have Adrian recommended to us, as he has an excellent background in marketing, a lot of experience in recruitment and equally as much experience on the web. We were confident enough to get him to help us completely rebrand, which he did par excellence. He delivered a clear strategy, great design work, a new website and arrange of marketing collateral, which made an immediate impact both internally and externally. I would recommend the Dent Consultancy to any similar organisation (though not our competitors!), without hesitations.

Richard Leman, Richard Leman – Director, Gold Group

14-mark-turnbullWe have used The Dent Consultancy for specialist research and strategic input on a number of projects and have always been impressed with the quality and value of the insights generated. Adrian’s expertise in branding and strategic thinking is an invaluable resource. Adrian is also very good with our team and very good with our clients. We look forward to working together on many more projects.

Mark Turnbull, Managing Director – Turnbull Ripley Design Company

15-jonathan-kirkAdrian has an ability to simplify complex problems, bringing high pedigree experience combined with fresh insight. He unravels, make sense of and brings innovative solutions to even the trickiest marketing challenges. He does this in a collaborative spirit with the client’s best interests at heart, and always with infectious drive and enthusiasm.

Jonathan Kirk, Founder – Up to the Light

ken-hawkins-newHaving relied primarily on recommendation for new business development, getting external help with marketing was a relatively new departure for us, and one which proved productive. The Shawshank new business letter wasn’t something we would have come up with ourselves and was perfect for our target audience, as we specialise in the creative industry. Response to the letters was positive and helped generate appointments and some new clients. I am pleased to recommend Adrian’s services.

Ken Hawkins, Ken Hawkins – Managing Director, Lee Associates LLP

19-mark-daviesAdrian takes a very thorough and grass roots approach to thinking through the challenges you present him about your business model. His ability to ask the right questions, and to drill into detail about fundamentals about your business (and the markets you serve) at a rapid and rigorous pace is very impressive. A combination of being entrepreneurial, and also highly experienced in big company thinking is a very powerful mix of qualities that Adrian possesses, not many can blend the two! If you want to be taken outside your comfort zone, challenged, and develop new effective Value Propositions for your business…work with Adrian!”

Mark Davies, Principal – MDA Management Consulting 

18-pat-keoghAdrian and the Dent Consultancy have been instrumental with the launch of our new website and generally with our branding, including new logos and marketing materials. Adrian has good experience of the recruitment industry and we have previously used his services which is testament to his work. Adrian was immediately accepted by all of our staff and made an important company presentation to get everyone on board with the new branding.

Pat Keogh – Director, Pro-Recruitment

21-paul-glatzelWhen we started working with the Dent Consultancy, Executive Connections was a relatively small financial recruitment company with high ambitions, having just completed a management buyout. We wanted to punch well above our weight and to raise awareness with both clients and candidates. The branding and positioning work the Dent Consultancy did for us was invaluable in this respect, as it defined innovation and difference as an integral part of the Executive Connections brand, qualities which ran through all areas of our communication. For this very reason, when we looked at corporate hospitality, the regular options were out, which suited me well as a keen sailor, as it meant Cowes Week was perfect!.

Paul Glatzel – Director, Executive Connections

13-david-sangerWhen we engaged the Dent Consultancy to help us with better marketing our business externally, we had no preconceptions as to what exactly that would entail. Adrian recommended that the first part of a re-branding process should be to conduct some in depth client research with both current Riverbank clients and clients we had failed to convert. This research was invaluable, as not only did it answer some critical business questions and help us understand how best to differentiate ourselves from other IT companies, but it was extremely well received by the clients, thereby building important business relationships. The results led to a comprehensive rebranding and new corporate identity with which we are delighted and which have since been translated into a new website and suite of marketing materials. I would strongly recommend the Dent Consultancy for any similar branding / research projects.

David Sanger – Non-Executive Director, Riverbank IT Management

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