What better brand to use as an example? The Brand Blueprint we have created for James Bond explains our model superbly.

Brand Blueprint

The key to managing a world class brand is a powerful branding model that can be used to drive actions and behaviours within an organisation and guide all activities directed externally.

The model we use we call a Brand Blueprint. This has been painstakingly developed and refined to be as powerful, actionable and simple as possible and has been highly effective in developing a number of world class brands.

The process

The Brand Blueprint is normally developed after a comprehensive brand audit, including both market and competitive evaluation, interviews with key stakeholders, often some customer or prospect research and then a strategic process that identifies at least one key insight and a compelling brand positioning.

The format

The Brand Blueprint itself comes in both a visual format, with a number of key images bringing it to life, and in a “stamp” format, with all key components contained on a single sheet.

The benefit of the Brand Blueprint being distilled into something so succinct (by way of contrast with many longer and rather turgid branding documents clients have shared with us), is that it is so easy to use and refer to. This means that it can be used to assess any potential communication / marketing to ensure that it is on brand and will work to the brand’s benefit.

To help clients understand the way the Brand Blueprint works, we have created one for the James Bond brand, a superb example of branding, which naturally is quite enjoyable to look into.

What then becomes really interesting is to view certain scenes in the Bond films in the light of the Brand Blueprint. It makes it so simple to understand exactly why certain scenes just don’t seem right and others are so brilliant.

If you are interested in seeing the Bond Blueprint or in discussing how we might be able to help you, please call us on +44 (0)1525 221016 or email branding@dentconsultancy.com

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